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We offer full delivery with forklift for any amount of sod required. Sod installation and tree planting and more.

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Sod, Seed, Fertilizer, Trees, Shrubbery, Bagged mulch and topsoil, Pavers, Fieldstone, Firewood, Bonsai plants and more.

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We are a family owned and operated company providing high quality products at a fair price with superior customer service.

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21 April

Feed and Prevent

Crabgrass prevention begins early in the spring. The best way to control crabgrass is by spreading a preventer in the beginning of March. Some people use the forsythia bloom to remind them to do this. We recommend our Jonathan Green product of Crabgrass and weed preventer with green-up. This serves two purposes in one application. […]

1 March

What are the Benefits of Sod Versus Seeding?

I am asked this question all the time. In todays fast paced busy world most people don’t have the time to commit to nurture seed into thick quality turf. With sod you can prepare the area, lay your sod and have it watered in 1 day- instant yard! On the other hand, seedlings are extremely […]

16 February

How to Prepare and Maintain Sod

Preparation In order to install sod you first need to prepare the area. Any old grass, or vegetation that exists needs to be removed. Then the soil needs to be raked out, and leveled. If the area is low or you removed some soil in the process then you should add fresh topsoil. After the […]