What are the Benefits of Sod Versus Seeding?

Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in tips on maintaining your lawn | No Comments

I am asked this question all the time. In todays fast paced busy world most people don’t have the time to commit to nurture seed into thick quality turf. With sod you can prepare the area, lay your sod and have it watered in 1 day- instant yard! On the other hand, seedlings are extremely delicate, and very easy to kill during the first month of growth.

Grass seed takes anywhere from 10-14 days just to germinate. In that amount of time your sod can be rooted in, and ready to be mowed. Seed only has a couple small windows throughout the year that it can be planted. On the other hand sod can be installed year round.

Sod also provides instant erosion control where as seed can very easily be washed away with 1 hard rain- forcing you to start over. Reseeding can be very aggravating, time consuming, and costly.

With new seeding’s comes weeds so now you need to apply an herbicide to control the weeds. But at the same time new seedlings are very delicate so you need to avoid using too much, or the wrong type of herbicides, which could kill the grass– forcing you to start over.Sod on the other hand has already been treated for weeds and actually acts as a weed blocker.

New grass grown from seed needs food so now you have to apply fertilizer.

But at the same time new seedlings are very delicate so you don’t want to use too much or the wrong type of fertilizers because that would result in killing the grass– forcing you to start over.

Our sod is already matured and extremely durable at the time of purchase. Another great aspect of sod is that it does not need to be fed until well after it has rooted in and you have mowed it several times.

It takes sod farmers approximately 16 months to grow seed to turn into sod.  You should ask yourself do you really want to invest that kind of time, with no guarantee?

So to sum it up, when your trying to decide between sod, or seed keep this in mind, why go through the aggravation of growing grass from seed when us sod farmers already did it for you? Install sod because it’s easier, faster and more efficient. Trust me you will be much happier with the results of your instant yard! Green Side up!