Shade Sod Watering Tip

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015 in tips on maintaining your lawn | No Comments

Because it is a shaded area it does not dry out as fast as sod would in a fully sunny spot. Daily monitoring is the only way to determine how your shade sod needs to be watered. You need to peel back a corner of your sod in several areas twice a day and water as necessary. The goal is to make sure the sod pad is wet throughout and the ground underneath is wet. If the pad is wet and the ground under is wet then hold off on water. Because it’s in the shade it takes longer to dry out therefore over watering your shade sod is possible. Check your sod in the morning. If it’s wet underneath then let it be and re-check again in the afternoon and water as necessary.  After about a week you will see the sod pad starting to shoot out roots and it will feel like it’s starting to attach to the ground. At this time DO NOT force the corner up. Leave it be and start mowing. From this point on water as necessary.